12 Ways An HR Firm Can Make Your Life Easier

In June 16, 2017

Have you ever considered outsourcing your company’s HR functions? Here are a few ways that an HR firm can make your company more efficient:

  1. Check Signing & Stuffing is a rote task that can consume precious managerial time. If you prefer to spend your work time leading your company and finding solutions to real problems instead of filling envelopes and writing your own name, we can help!
  2. Direct Deposit is fast, convenient, and well-loved by employees everywhere. Do you offer DD?
  3. “Paperless” Payrolls. Do you have the technology and know-how needed to go green with paperless payroll? Save money, save space, and save the environment!
  4. Tax Filing. The only thing more painful than paying taxes? Filing them. Let Precise Payroll save you time and energy by filing your taxes for you.
  5. 401k Calculations & Reports. Why hire an accountant when your Payroll company could be doing this for you?
  6. Labor Distribution. If your payroll is charged to various departments, then you probably dread calculating labor distribution.
  7. General Ledger. The most important accounting function of your business is also one of the most time-consuming. Let us calculate your general ledger so that you can focus on how to improve it!
  8. Vacation/Sick Accruals. Keeping track of employee’s time off is no walk in the park. Let Precise Payroll  help you keep your records straight.
  9. Employee Wage Detail and Accounting Reports. Wage reporting is required by the IRS, and you can be fined for failing to comply. Apart from government regulation, there are many other reasons you may desire an accounting report — whether it’s an internal audit, an evaluation of company processes, etc. Precise Payroll can generate these accounts quickly and effectively, saving you both time and effort.
  10. New Hire Reporting. Employers are required by law to report new hires to their state government. This administrative process can be a real pain in the neck for busy managers, which is why many HR firms offer to handle this responsibility themselves.
  11. Vendor Checks. Handling payments to vendors can be stressful: in many cases, large amounts of cash are at stake. That’s why outsourcing vendor checks is such a popular move these days.
  12. Background Screening, Pre-employment Screening, and Drug Testing. Are you confident about the employees you hire? Precise Payroll’s diverse testing and screening programs can help you promote workplace safety and a quality workplace environment.

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