3 Signs Your Employee Needs a Raise

In January 27, 2017

Your employees work hard, but some always harder than others. Those who go above and beyond to make a difference at your company deserve to be rewarded. Raises are a great incentive to keep hard-workers at your company and encourage other employees to realize their full potential as well. Here are 3 signs that you have an employee who needs a raise.

You are experiencing high staff turnover
Is it difficult for your company to retain employees for long stretches of time? They may be underpaid. If employees feel like they aren’t appreciated, through both praise or pay, they will probably seek work elsewhere. No one wants to work at a place where they feel their contribution is undervalued.

You could see that employee in a management role
If your employee displays the characteristics of a forward-thinking leader, then it might be time for them to receive a raise. You can think of the raise almost as a test to see how they handle a little more power. If they become lazy after receiving a raise, perhaps that’s all that they were after. However, if an employee continues to work hard after getting a raise, they’re most likely working with your business in mind, and do truly want to make a difference.

Your employee always gives 110%
Once again, it must be emphasized that it is important to give credit where credit is due. If a hard-working employee sees that they are always going to be treated the exact same as their less-ambitious peers, they can become discouraged, and stop giving their all. In the end, only your company will suffer from being stingy with raises. Your best employees will easily find work elsewhere, and you’ll be left with the employees who don’t truly care about your business.

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