4 Industries with State-Required Background Checks

In August 11, 2016

A growing number of employers–from small and large companies alike–are now opting to conduct comprehensive employee background checks before hiring. This stems from a variety of causes. The most obvious is the simple desire for safety: nobody wants to employ a person who could pose a potential danger. Moreover, employers can even be sued for failing to practice due diligence when hiring. Theft and potential corporate espionage are two more reasons to practice pre-employment screening. Finally, one cause that is frequently overlooked: a surprising number of employees lie about their qualifications!

Not only are background checks a good idea: depending on the industry, pre-employment screening may even be mandated by law. Here are four industries that are frequently subject to such regulation.

1. Healthcare. Healthcare employees need to be trustworthy. Period. This is why healthcare is one of the most heavily regulated industries when it comes to employee background checks. Protecting vulnerable patients from potential criminals and ensuring the qualifications of each and every job applicant simply cannot be compromised.

2. Trucking. Though it may come as a surprise, the trucking industry is also frequently subject to regulation that mandates pre-employment screening for all truck operators. After all, an employee who has been in trouble for drugs, alcohol, or serious traffic infringements may not be qualified to operate an eighty-thousand pound vehicle!

3. Education. Teachers and education professionals are entrusted with one of the most important jobs in our society–and this profession comes with a great deal of responsibility. It’s no surprise, therefore, institutions of education are almost always required to screen every potential employee.

4.Law enforcement/security. One again, this is all a question of responsibility. Law enforcement and security officers are given a very important role that requires clear thinking and a unique combination of authority and altruism: this is not a job for everyone.

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