4 Reasons You Should Not Handle Payroll Alone

In February 8, 2018
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A risk not worth taking.

Payroll is a vital part of your business but handling it all by yourself could cost you more than you may expect. Here are some of the biggest reasons you should not process payroll solo.

Payroll Rules in Different States
If you have multiple locations across state lines, you may find yourself facing an in-house nightmare when it comes to payroll rules and trying to figure out exceptions to various rules along with ongoing legislative and policy changes.

Tax codes are complicated for businesses. Although it is not difficult to choose one, getting one wrong can cost you – big time. You do not want to find yourself facing an audit or with a bill on your doorstep for thousands of dollars that would be better spent elsewhere. It only takes one little mistake to get yourself in big trouble with Uncle Sam, so aim to get everything right the first time to keep yourself in good standing.

Lack of Support
Without sufficient professional support, you could be making errors in your books for weeks or even months before you notice. You may not discover your errors until you tally everything up at the end of the fiscal year – a problem that can take weeks to resolve. Sure, you get support from some payroll programs you can download or use online, but not all of them offer the support you need to keep your files sorted. Not to mention that the payroll process sometimes brings up questions you will have a hard time getting answers to with such programs.

Poor Employee Relations
This is a big issue. Nothing will send your employees in the opposite direction faster than not giving them what they are owed. If you struggle to keep your numbers straight and your employees paid what is due to them, how will you manage?

By partnering with us, we can take the stress off keeping payroll by yourself off of your shoulders while helping you to keep your information accurate and complete. Sure, doing payroll solo may seem like it will save you money but in the long run, it will likely cost you more.

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