5 Ways to Simplify Your Small Business Payroll

In January 25, 2018

Eliminate payroll headaches with these tips.

Small business owners sometimes struggle with their employees’ payroll. Getting payroll figures worked out and delivering paychecks each pay period is important for your business. Payroll processing is often complex and time consuming for small businesses. To make it less difficult to manage, we have created a few steps to simplify the process.

1. Simplify your policy. Take time to look over your payroll policy to be certain it is clear in terms of how your employees are paid, how expenses are reimbursed, how the commission is earned and paid, how sick days are given and so on. This helps to eliminate any confusion and saves you time that you do not have to explain such details.

2. Pay everyone at the same time in the same way. Pay any contractors along with your employees on the same day. If you are using separate pay models for employees and subs, consolidate them for uniformity and simplicity.

3. Use direct deposit, which is more efficient than cutting checks. It is accurate, more convenient and faster. It also saves you money (it may only be pennies but it is still worth it overall – especially when you are cutting several checks a week). Direct deposit also saves you from having to tell your employees when they can pick up checks.

4. Offer payroll information online to eliminate time from your clock regarding payroll inquiries. Include the policy and guidelines. Some companies offer access to previous pay information as well.

5. Consider outsourcing your payroll if you do not have an in-house payroll department like larger corporations. Because payroll processing can be complicated and time consuming, it is often better to outsource to a professional. This saves you time and headaches.

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