50 Percent of Job Applicants Lie on Their Resumes

In March 16, 2017

Depending on how much experience you have as an employer, this stat may or may not come as a surprise to you. However, it is true. Around half of all job applicants lie on their resumes. While these lies are often minor and insignificant attempts at boasting or exaggerating on the part of the employee, they can also, in some cases, have serious and harmful effects on you, your business, and your other employees. Listed below are just a few.

The Consequences:

  • Hiring someone underqualified. This can be damaging to your business in numerous ways, but most often because an underqualified employee is likely to do his job slower and with less surety than a well-qualified one.
  • Wasting time and money on training only to have to fire him/her. Training can be a costly process even if an employee is well qualified. An underqualified (not to mention dishonest) employee can suck up precious time and money that could be used more wisely.
  • Hiring someone dangerous or dangerously bad at the job. While it is possible that an unvetted employee might be a criminal, this is not the only way they can pose an active threat to your business. An unqualified employee can be just as dangerous as a malevolent one.

The Solutions:

  • Conducting thorough interviews. An employee with something to hide is far less likely to be confident and speak frankly in an interview. Pay close attention in interviews and don’t cut corners.
  • Background checks are a great way to make sure you’re getting what you pay for with a new employee.

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