A Seven Point Checklist for HR compliance

In March 29, 2018

Is Your Organization Playing by the Rules?

Avoid fines and optimize your team’s productivity by following the legally established norms of employer/employee relations. Here is a step-by-step guide to doing just that:

1. Get Registered with both the IRS and your state/local revenue agencies to enable payments of your payroll taxes. Which brings us to our next point…

2. Withhold taxes accurately. After all, under-withholding could leave you in debt to the IRS, whereas over-withholding could reduce employee satisfaction. Using payroll software or hiring professional HR experts are the best ways of avoiding costly mistakes in this regard.

3. Document your hiring process. Keeping accurate documentation of objective hiring standards will help your business in two important ways. First of all, it will ensure that you hire the most productive candidates; and secondly, it will provide protection from hiring discrimination lawsuits.

4. Provide thorough training for every position. This process should include an integrative onboarding process, in addition to OSHA-compliant safety instruction. Offering ongoing support, such as a responsive HR team and conspicuously placed safety posters, is another important legal obligation with concrete financial benefits.

5. Manage payroll strategically. This will help you avoid costly payroll fees and employee lawsuits while also boosting worker satisfaction and maximizing cash liquidity. To learn more about this important topic, check out the payroll-services section of our HR website!

6. Keep employee records meticulously and confidentially. Storing documents and data pertaining to payment history and work performance is necessary for you, your employees, and the IRS. However, storing that information in a way that is secure yet easy to access can be a challenge.

7. Don’t Go It Alone. HR laws can be rather complex — which is why allowing for some level of input from an HR professional is a must. Depending on the size of your company and your own personal knowledge of HR law, you may wish to purchase HR software, speak with a consultant, or even outsource your HR department entirely. Regardless, we encourage you to check out our services here at Precise Payroll in order to make the right decision for you!

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