The Growing Popularity of the Four-Day Work Week

In October 5, 2017

A plethora of studies regarding employee habits and attitudes have revealed what many of us already suspected. The majority of workers report using sick days for personal needs. A majority also claim that free time is a crucial factor in aiding their productivity. And even businesses themselves could be benefiting by giving their employees an extra day of personal time. Here are a few reasons why this is the case:

Employee satisfaction. Having happy employees has been shown to decrease turnover rates while increasing brand advocacy. And what better way to ensure employee satisfaction than to give your workers more free time than your competitors can ever hope to offer?

Increase productivity. We have already discussed the correlation between employee satisfaction and productivity in a recent Precise Payroll blog article. And don’t forget the fact that reducing turnover can also have a significant impact on company productivity!

Reduce costs for employers and employees alike. Renting office space, keeping it lit and temp-controlled, and providing work supplies are all good ways of running up costly bills. And employees themselves will be happy to see their commuting costs drop by 20% overnight!

Results > Facetime. The real reason why you hire employees is to get stuff done — not to force them to spend time in the office! The possibility of a four day work week can be an excellent incentive that encourages them to complete all of their responsibilities within a faster time frame — which is the real reason why you spend your payroll dollars in the first place.

Managing remote assignments is easier than ever. A four day workweek oftentimes comes with the implicit expectation of a bit of remote work. Fortunately, thanks to the rapidly-improving nature of internet productivity options and software programs, this is no reason to stress!

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