Do You Need to Reevaluate Your Onboarding Process?

In March 15, 2018

Watch for these signs that your onboarding process needs a makeover.

A good onboarding process is crucial for turning your candidates into productive workers. Many companies use outdated materials and rush through the process to get new employees right to work. However, carefully planned and thorough onboarding can actually add value to a company by enabling new employees to start out with ample experience before hitting the work floor as well as fostering engagement and loyalty.

If you are concerned that your company may be suffering from a lack of attention to detail or awareness when it comes to how to do onboarding right, look for these signs that your onboarding process could use improvement.

Outdated Orientation Manuals and Videos
Orientation videos are useful but should be presented in a modern voice. No one takes a video seriously when the speakers are cheesy and donned in clothes from decades of the past. Make sure your videos are informational, short and up to date with your company’s operations for maximum effectiveness.

Complaining Employees
Do your employees complain about your boring orientation process? Listen to them. Every complaint should be perceived as an opportunity to improve your onboarding process and employee experience. Some new employees opt to quit instead of complaining about a poor onboarding process, which loses you even more money and time overall.

Work with current employees to make your onboarding process better for new candidates.

Training and Orientation Are Not Separate
Your orientation and training should be done together. During this process, employees can learn what will be expected and how they can further develop to attain that level of success in their career. Aim to teach your employees useful information right from the start and you will gain their attention while getting them into positions they can work at faster.

Hours of Paperwork
Although some paperwork is necessary to ensure your employees are properly qualified, new employees should not spend hours filling out paperwork manually. Use HR software instead to import information quickly so your candidate can get started filling his new position within your company sooner.

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