3 Ways Your Business Can Go Green

In April 13, 2017

A growing number of businesses are investing impressive sums of capital into green technology and other environmentally friendly expenses. Wondering why they are making this decision? Wondering if and how your business can do the same? Read on to find out.

The benefits of going green.

Making environmentally conscious choices can have some very positive effects on your business. For one, Uncle Sam tends to look favorably on expenses associated with going green — and your state and local governments likely do the same to some extent or another. The end result? Lower taxes come April 15th. Moreover, many environmentally efficient choices just so happen to be financially efficient in their own right, making them monetary no-brainers. And all this doesn’t even begin to touch upon the positive perception that the public has toward companies that make environmentally friendly choices.

Simple changes you can make.

  1. Eliminate paper. Not only is paper-based record keeping slow and inefficient, it is also a huge waste of natural resources. Upgrading to a computer-based record-keeping program can help save you time and money — all while saving the earth one document at a time.
  2. Upgrade the office space. Is your office cold in the winter and hot in the summer? If so, then investing in a smart thermostat, energy efficient windows, and other efficient temperature control technologies could help make your office more comfortable while saving you a big chunk of change each and every time the bills arrive, too.
  3. Go lean. Businesses that operate on a lean financial model tend to use less resources and to be more efficient with the resources that they do use. Examples of lean business operation may include hiring remote assistants, using the web for as many functions as possible, and even outsourcing certain business operations such as record-keeping, web marketing, or human resource management to professional agencies.

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