5 Onboarding Tips For New Employees

In December 14, 2017

Adding new members to your staff can be an opportunity for increased productivity, teamwork and growth — or it can lead to disruption, discord, and wasted payroll. Smart onboarding policies are oftentimes crucial to determining which of these two paths your organization will take. And this is why you should consider implementing these simple onboarding tips and tricks:

Announce your decision! Announcing and introducing your new hire — in-person, through email, or even via the company Facebook page — is a good way to help your new employee feel welcome. It can also help break the ice and begin integrating them into the “family” that is your organization.

Send paperwork ahead of time. Legal paperwork, employee handbooks, and other documents should be sent to your new employee before their first day. This will help them feel more acclimated while preventing any hiccups during that all-important first day of training.
Safety first. Speaking of training, employees should always be informed about safety information ahead of all else! As obvious as this may sound, it is one of the most important ways of avoiding tragedies and protecting your company from lawsuits and workers comp payments.

Explain company structure. Regardless of how thorough your training process may be, every new employee is bound to have some doubts during their first weeks. Explaining the management structure of your organization will help them understand who they should refer to in the event that they have a question or concern down the road.

Demystify the jargon. Every business and every industry eventually develops a few useful words and phrases to refer to technical aspects of the job. Explaining these terms to your new employee can help them understand the job (and the company culture) a little bit better.

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