5 Services Offered by the Precise Payroll Human Resources Support Center

In February 11, 2016
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Given the low cost of outsourcing and the increasingly complicated set of laws regulating employer-employee relationships, a growing number of businesses are choosing to seek professional support when it comes to human resources.  If you currently handle your payroll operations through Precise Payroll, (or even if you don’t!) you may wish to consider letting us manage your HR as well.  Here are just few of the most important tasks we can take care of.

  • Employee Handbook.  Train employees faster, increase safety compliance, establish company rules, and more by offering a comprehensive employee handbook.  We offer materials that incorporate all the “standard” rules for each industry while also being fully customizable and allowing for company input.
  • Federal Laws and State Laws. Precise Payroll ensures that your company is in compliance with all applicable state and local laws.  We do the research so that you don’t have to!
  • Job Descriptions. An accurately written job description is crucial for finding the right recruits and for ensuring that they are trained efficiently and accurately.  Precise Payroll will work with you to make sure that your job descriptions are up to par.
  • Hiring.  One of the most important HR functions is the hiring process itself.  Not only do we handle recruitment and training materials; we also offer a variety of services related directly to hiring.  For example, we run criminal and professional background checks, administer drug tests, and more.
  • Terminations.  Unfortunately, sometimes even the most carefully vetted employees don’t work out.  No matter what the cause for a termination, it’s important that they are handled with professional care in order to ensure legal compliance. Precise Payroll ensures just that.

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