6 Employee Benefits To Consider Offering

In February 10, 2017

Offering a competitive salary is an important part of ensuring that your professional team has the talent needed to propel your business to success. However, salary is not the only factor that attracts and retains good employees. An attractive company culture, livable location, and a bit of open-mindedness and flexibility are all important factors — as are employee benefits. In fact, studies have shown that benefits can oftentimes mean more to employees than a raise of equal value, and millennial workers lead the pack in terms of valuing benefits that are not directly salary related. Any company that hopes to put together and maintain a strong team of qualified professionals should consider offering at least a few of the following employee benefits.

1. Retirement packages. Not even the most motivated workers dream of doing the nine to five grind for their entire lives! Helping your employees save and plan for their retirement is sure to boost morale and employee satisfaction.
2. Health Insurance. Though regulations may be set to change, many employers are currently required to offer health insurance to their employees. Regardless of what the future may hold in that respect, health insurance will nonetheless remain a highly attractive benefit that offers peace of mind and financial security, so it’s worth understanding and considering.
3. Other Insurance Needs. Vision, dental, and life insurance are other important insurance policies that employees value — and paying them in bulk for your employees can be a very mutually beneficial setup.
4. Tuition payments, reimbursement and student loan payments. This is a great way to attract ambitious employees who are prepared to grow alongside the company.
5. Training opportunities. Speaking of ambition, why not give your employees the chance to improve skills directly related to the job by offering free training opportunities.
6. Paid time off. Who doesn’t love a good vacation, right?

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