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In January 8, 2016
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The days of punching in and punching out on a timecard have come and gone.  Automated, electronic timekeeping is now the norm—and we’re running down our top three reasons why.

#3: The times are a-changin’

Like almost every other form of paper-based record keeping, timecard based timekeeping is slow, inefficient and prone to errors.  In short, the computer has replaced the pen in most professional settings, and electronic timekeeping is an extension of that concept.  Not only is automated timekeeping easier and more convenient, it is also far more efficient—which leads us into our next point…

#2: Time is money

In general, businesses that take advantage of technology tend to have an advantage over their competitors that do not.  This is certainly the case when it comes to timekeeping.  Inaccuracies can lead to nasty situations such as losing money on overpayment, or losing employees (or even risking a lawsuit) due to underpayment.  Additionally, the time, effort, and stress involved in manual timekeeping can also affect your business negatively.  It’s easy to see, therefore, that automated timekeeping can basically pay for itself in a number of ways.  And speaking of paying for automated timekeeping…

#3: The more you buy, the more you save

For starters, the price of switching to automated timekeeping is very reasonable. With Precise Payroll those services can even be bundled into a package that includes the outsourcing of other time consuming functions such as human resources, workmen’s compensation, background and drug checks, and (of course) payroll.  That allows you to spend a minimum amount on a number of services all designed to maximize your efficiency and profitability!

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