How to Deal With a Destructive Employee

In July 26, 2016

One of the most common problems in any business is that of destructive employees. Let’s make a distinction now: a bad employee and a destructive employee are two very different things. A bad employee–someone who lacks the skills or willpower to do his or her job efficiently–can be trained, and his or her behavior corrected. A destructive employee–and I’m sure we’ve all met someone like this at least once before–is one who purposefully undermines the authority of bosses, the efficiency of co-workers and the integrity of the business as a whole. It may not be easy to confront or fire the destructive employees in your company, and in some cases it may not even be easy to find them. However, for the sake of you, your company, and all of your other employees, it is of the utmost importance that destructive employees be dealt with quickly. How? Below are a few tips.

Address the problem directly. If you have witnessed bad behavior on the part of any of your employees, it is your responsibility to call them out on it. Tell them in plain words what they have done–or failed to do, as the case may be–and ask them to correct it. Sometimes this is all it takes to solve an issue or prevent a dispute.
Keep emotion out of criticism and discussions. If you have to have a tough conversation with one of your employees, asking them to correct their behavior or warning them that their job may be in danger, do it with as little emotive language as possible. This does not mean be heartless. It is good for an employer to care for his or her employees. However, if you show yourself to be too angry or vulnerable, your less respectful employees will take advantage of this.
If you have to fire your employees, give them your reason, give them due notice, give them the proper paperwork, and give them respect. Communicate with your other employees afterwards, and tell them in clear terms why you fired the employee you fired, to prevent rumors or fear from spreading.

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