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In September 11, 2015
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Keeping track of employees’ time and attendance is a big responsibility—and as business owners know, it can be a very time consuming responsibility as well. Factor in complications such as varying shifts, job codes, and payment schedules—and timekeeping can become a real nightmare!

That’s why Precise Payroll offers a diverse range of affordable and convenient automatic time-logging methods in order to better serve our clients. Options include PIN, badge swipe, proximity card, key fob, finger print or hand geometry biometrics, telephone, web browser and mobile app. Each and every one of these options is designed to be hassle-free and user intuitive.
Our timekeeping service, along with our superior payroll management system, can help your small to medium sized business in a number of ways. First of all, professional payroll management helps you to save time and focus on generating revenue for your company. Secondly, it helps you reduce costs by relying on the efficient expertise of an established payroll company. Lastly, it can help you avoid costly fines from the IRS incurred from payroll errors.

More than just payroll management:

We’re proud of our cutting-edge timekeeping system and the superior payroll management that we offer with it—but here at Precise Payroll we do much more than just payroll. Based upon the same fundamental concept of increasing cost/time efficiency while providing superior service, we also offer:
• Human Resource services: recruit the best and brightest talent, keep your workforce happy, and stay up to date on state and local laws and regulations.
• Worker’s comp: our pay-as-you-go system is designed to increase cash flow while minimizing hassle and synchronizing all payments with your existing payroll.
• Background checks: get the facts up front and hire the right man/woman for the job.
If you’re ready to eliminate needless hassle and stress while zoning in on the work you do best, contact us today for more information on our outsourcing services—let’s work together!

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