National Payroll Grows Its Business by Helping Employers Automate Manual Processes with SwipeClock’s Workforce Management Solutions

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In July 7, 2015
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April 21, 2015—Salt Lake City—SwipeClock today announced National Payroll, a leading workforce management provider and long-time partner, has grown its business by helping employers automate manual processes with TimeWorksPlus. TimeWorksPlus combines a robust feature set, plug-and-play time clocks, and ease-of-use to effectively automate the collection, management, and reporting of employee time and attendance.

“SwipeClock is key to National Payroll’s growth because it enables us to cost effectively deliver simple, affordable, and automated timekeeping solutions that save our clients time, lower their costs, and increase accuracy so they can better comply with important regulations such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA),” said Orlando Williams, President of National Payroll.

One of National Payroll’s clients is a successful physical therapy business. As the company was just getting started, Williams found that the owner was using paper-based processes to pay and manage its employees. This led to a lot of extra work and unnecessary errors that took time away from serving customers. For example, people were sometimes late turning in their time slips. This caused the owner to follow up with employees to get the needed information so that payroll could be processed.

As a first step in helping the business, National Payroll installed a payroll solution that successfully replaced some of the manual procedures. Williams then suggested using SwipeClock to automate the rest of the paper-based processes the owner used to keep track of employees’ time and attendance. He also recommended integrating SwipeClock with the new payroll system.

Because of its simplicity and ease of use, National Payroll was able to quickly get TimeWorksPlus up and running. With SwipeClock installed, employees now clock in and out in just seconds. They can also see online whether they are approaching overtime to ensure compliance with company policies.

For the owner, SwipeClock creates more time to work with customers. After installing TimeWorksPlus, word spread about the great service being offered and the business took off, expanding to four locations today. “I attribute much of my client’s success to SwipeClock’s simple and affordable workforce management solution,” said Williams. “Without SwipeClock, the business would not be as successful as it is today.”

TimeWorksPlus also provides powerful scripting capabilities that allow National Payroll to create custom solutions for clients that have complicated payroll, time, attendance, and scheduling processes. “Scripting is one of SwipeClock’s major advantages,” said Williams. “It’s powerful enough to tailor solutions that fit our clients individual needs, while being easy to use, which allows us to do the work ourselves.”

“National Payroll is a great long-term partner and example of the win-win situation SwipeClock creates for our partners and their clients,” said Lane Peterson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for SwipeClock. “Our sole focus is to provide simple and affordable workforce management solutions that enable our partners to thrive by enabling them to better serve their clients.”

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