Remote Teamwork

In November 23, 2017

There are many benefits to working with remote employees and contractors — from reduced payroll costs to increased efficiency to schedule flexibility and much more. However, challenges such as coordinating teamwork and managing the legal status of your employees can also arise.

If you do opt to work on a project with a remote team, then you may find the following 5 tips helpful.

Simplify, clarify, and assign. Miscommunication and diffusion of responsibility are two of the most common problems that remotely managed teams encounter. Simplifying tasks as much as possible, anticipating and clarifying potential miscommunications, and assigning tasks very explicitly are all good methods of avoiding these troubles.

Invest in tech. Solid collaboration software can make teamwork much easier. Trying to manage a team through email or shared excel documents is quite simply inferior to utilizing high-tech solutions — which, at any rate, tend to be remarkably affordable.

Cultivate communication. For some reason or another, online communication can seem challenging, intimidating, and/or overly time-consuming to even the most extroverted of employees. But without frequent status reports, question-asking, and accountability messages, no online team can thrive! Encourage your team to communicate frequently, and lead by example whenever possible.

Right the ship as necessary. Checking in on your progress — and making adjustments accordingly — is the best way of avoiding potential mistakes and miscalculations. This is one reason why setting measurable goals is such an important component of achieving success.

Keep the team motivated. Morale is a big challenge for any professional team — but it is especially relevant for online groups, who oftentimes lack the same daily communication and deep-seeded camaraderie found in conventional workplaces. Finding strategies to motivate your employees, therefore, is crucial.

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